Who we are and why  Coopdevs?

Coopdevs is an open cooperative which has the goal to improve the society through technology, our values are included in open cooperativism that means we focus on providing not only value for our customers and projects but to an ecosystem of digital partners much bigger.

Our values

Big stories have personality. Considera explicar una història que brindi personalitat. Escriure una història amb personalitat pels clients potencials ajudarà a crear una connexió. Això es nota amb petits detalls amb paraules peculiars o frases. Escriu des del teu punt de vista, no des de l'experiència d'algú més.

Les grans històries són per a tots fins i tot quan només s'escriu per a una sola persona. Si intenta escriure pensant en un públic ampli i general, la seva història sonarà falsa i mancarà d'emoció. A ningú li interessarà. Escriu per a una persona. Si és genuí per a un, és genuí per a la resta.

Our team

Sergi Alonso

I have been working on the web since 2004, specialized in communication, marketing and digital project management. In 2009 my personal path led me to devote myself to the development of time banks, I founded the ADBdT association from where the TimeOverflow platform was created. Later, I co-founded Coopdevs, from where I contribute my bit so that technology can further and further enhance the solidarity economy.

Carla Berenguer

Computer engineer with software development passion. I strongly believe in communication and cooperation as fundamental pillars to the success, both professional and personal.

Eugeni Chafer

Since in the nineties I experienced the digitalization process of the editorial process from within a communication agency, my working life has always been linked to helping organizations digitize organizational (internal) and communicative (external) processes. as well as training in the use of digital technologies, especially in the educational community. On the other hand, also since the nineties I have always been linked to agro-ecological consumption groups and to different entities related to the economy and social transformation. Since May 2020, thanks to Coopdevs, I can link these two areas and work so that digital technologies help grow the social and solidarity economy sector and its impact on our society.

Pelayo Garcia

Cooperativist for democratic fragility and to stop living in defeat. I study Pedagogy as revenge. I think there is an XKCD strip for any situation. I love coordinating ones and zeroes to make the machines work or just for fun.

Jordi Isidro

Enthusiast of Business Intelligence and databases. I am an IT engineer from the UPC specializing in information management and exploitation. I have been working for different clients for more than 15 years helping to grow their decision-making systems. In the field of the solidarity economy, I have been part of the local groups of Barcelona and the Baix Llobregat of Som energia and the GIT of Barcelona of Fiare Banca Ètica. In my free time I dedicate myself to programming applications in python, php or any language that falls into my hands.

César López

Telecommunications engineer for the URJC of Madrid. From university I started participating in solidarity movements (Engineers Without Borders, Cercles de Silenci). I also became interested in cooperatives. I have worked with Dabne S. Coop. Mad. and Gnoxys AC. in Madrid and with the Som Energia technical team in Girona. In the technological field I have been a Python – Odoo developer since 2014.

Adrià Pallejà

Industrial engineer by the UPC, nurtured professionally in different fields (health care, automotive, web consulting). Activist (Plataforma Cel Net) and closely linked to associationism and popular culture (casteller, diable, traditional dances). Dreaming of a fairer society that responds to the challenges of the future: water, land, energy, housing. From Coopdevs, I try to draw it from the technological, cooperative and social and solidarity economy.

Daniel Palomar

Computer engineer by the UPF. From the student social movements in Alicante to the cooperative movements in Barcelona, I have always tried to move in environments of solidarity. From the beginning I focused my career on backend development to infrastructure management and maintenance of distributed systems. I did the end-of-degree work with Coopdevs association, and it has been one of the best discoveries of my life.

Enrique Rodriguez

Degree in Market Research and Techniques (ITM), diploma in Statistics, postgraduate in Data Science, postgraduate in Business Intelligence from the UPC and postgraduate in Social Anthropology.
Since 1998 I have worked as a data analyst, market researcher and business intelligence consultant; contributing my experience in obtaining, validating, processing, analyzing and presenting results with a wide range of open source tools.

Eva Sanjurjo

I studied History and a professional training in Tourism; the first by vocation and the second driven by the need for what they call "recycling". In terms of work, I have an eclectic, not to say chaotic, career and after some first contacts with technology, I decided to continue this process of recycling through this branch, arriving at Coopdevs. What drives me here is the interest in cooperative work, the Social and Solidarity Economy and the desire to do things differently.

Konstantina Tsagkari

I have a degree in maritime economics from the University of Piraeus in Athens. In 2016 I arrived in Barcelona, it was here that my interest in programming was awakened and I began to do web development training. Being linked to autonomous and self-managed spaces, I participate in collective learning IT groups. After working in other companies in the sector outside the cooperative world, with Coopdevs I can combine my concerns of a more social nature with my passion for programming.